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This installment took place at a large Llama ranch.

Juniper mantel installed in remodel
in Bend, Oregon!

This exceptionally twisted mantel underwent an unusual mounting. The butt end was attached from the outside of the house through the wall before the siding was applied. Two inch spacers were attached to the back of the top end giving the appearance of the log floating in air.  This mantel was installed on a beautiful Llama ranch in Central Oregon.

When I go out on a mantel install, there is always a certain excitement when I stand back to view the mantel mounted to the wall. Every one is different. They are all beautiful and add immensely to the room. In addition, I think about the fact that the mantel will be above hands reach for the most part. Juniper draws people in like a magnet. It beckons to be touched. Unlike a chair or a table, the fireplace mantels receive no wear. Years down the road, they remain as fresh as the day they arrive.