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A trip to the welding shop.
A trip to the lumber yard for decking and sides.
Our old truck fades to retirement...
Out of the ashes comes our
new improved wood truck.

A sad day dawned last month when our beloved 'Aardvark', (the '56 chev) was retired from active duty after 16 years of hauling out of the desert all our juniper logs and limbs. It started with a tow from Bend to home. I thought it was a transmission problem. Two transmissions, a pilot bearing, throw out bearing, new 'U' joint, and rear end later, I set off to the desert to harvest entry columns for the staircase house job. Another tow from Bend...this time a blown engine.

I knew it was time to let the old truck go, every part of her was worn out. We decided to create the 'new improved Aardvark' by taking my 1983 Ryder Van, removing the box off the back, shortening the wheel base and transferring the winch and metal frame to the Ryder truck. The Ryder van was used for furniture deliveries across the U.S., but we needed a wood truck more. I will miss the old Chevy. Yes, she was ugly, but she did her part in helping the business grow.